Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020

Who has the most followers on instagram 2020 1

Are you wondering who has the most Instagram followers 2020 and who has the most followers on Instagram 2020?

Needless to say, you have landed on the right article. Most people are increasingly interested in the social network Instagram, which has practically taken over from Facebook.

Since 2010, the portal has continued to grow and become the most influential social network.

As you already know, Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks in the world, with over 1 billion users. Its success is due to the possibility of sharing everyday moments through photos and videos.

Its success is due to the possibility of sharing everyday moments through photos and videos.

The platform has attracted the attention of companies and VIPs, and today, when we talk about the 10 most followed Instagram profiles in 2020, we should not be surprised if we find mainly celebrities or well-known brands.

So let us find out who has the most instagram followers 2020.

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Who has the most followers on instagram 2020: number 10

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020 2

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020 at the 10th position? Let’s find out. With 6 million followers, Mariano Di Vaio is in tenth place.

Like Chiara Ferragni, was the first fashion blogger to become popular in Italy and then in the rest of the world, when many people were still unaware of Instagram.

Mariano di Vaio started working as a model in London, then went to study acting in New York. Today he has managed to become the world’s reference point for everything Italian, such as fashion.

As well as being a model and blogger, he has also managed to become a great entrepreneur.

He owes his popularity mainly to the opening of his blog mdvstyle.com, which took place in 2012 and focused on fashion and lifestyle advice.

For several years he has been a source of inspiration for many people internationally.

He loves sports and in 2016 he published “My dream job”. He also made his debut in the film and music industry, in 2017 the song “Wait for me” was released. He has also participated in television shows such as “Selfie: Things Change”.

Mariano di Vaio as well as sponsoring various brands has also produced several men’s products that bear his brand name, “MDV”. In addition to the blog he has opened an e-commerce, “NOHOW STYLE”.

In 2018 and 2019 he was awarded by “GQ Men Of The Year Awards” as “Man of the Year Inflluencer”.

In 2018, he entered the international ranking “The 100 Most Handsome Face 2018” compiled by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Also in 2018, he is ranked first in the list of the most influential “Under 30” in the world, published by the American magazine “Forbes”.

Who has the most Instagram followers 2020: 9th position

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Who has the most Instagram followers 2020 in ninth position? It could only be him: Francesco Nappo.

A professional photographer who, thanks both to his skill and to his knowledge of famous people such as actors, models, singers and influencers, has managed to make a name for himself and climb the ladder of success.

Thanks to social networks, especially Instagram, he has become famous all over the world. In this way, he has managed to make his talent known.

For him, photography is much more than a job, it is a great passion.He started out as a landscape photographer and then specialised in portraits, becoming one of the ten most popular photographers on Instagram.

Who has the most followers on instagram 2020: 8th position

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In eighth place with 7.4 million followers is Andrea Pirlo. A talented former Italian footballer, he posts many pictures of himself in the past when he wore the jersey of e.g. AC Milan and Juventus.

He has played for some very important teams, debuting at the age of 16 with Brescia, then playing for Inter, AC Milan, Juventus and finally New York City FC.

In 2006, playing for the national team, he won several titles such as “World Champion” in 2006 and “Vice-Champion of Europe” in 2012.

Who has the most instagram followers 2020: 7th position

The undisputed motorbike racer could not be left out of this list. With 8.3 million followers he is in seventh place.

He is still one of the most highly paid and followed sportsmen in Italy. He has also enjoyed great success on Instagram and has become the most popular influencer in the world of motor sport.

Ever since he was a child, he has shown a strong propensity for motors. With his racing driver father, Graziano Rossi, he grew up surrounded by engines.

At the age of eleven, he already proved to be a champion by winning his first go-kart race. He then moved on to mini-motos and again immediately won various races and championships.

In 1997, at the age of eighteen, he became world champion in the 125 class with the Aprilia, then in 1999 he won the 250 class World Championship.In his long career he won several MotoGP, World Rally Championships and Palmarès.

He was the first Italian to triumph in the World Championship in three different categories. In 2020 we will find him back on track competing in the MotoGp with a new bike, the new “Yamaha M1”.

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Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020: 6th position

In sixth place is Gianluigi Buffon with 9 million followers. For 17 years he was the goalkeeper of Juventus, then he went to play for Paris Saint-German, but after the season he returned to Juve.

He’s a very likeable character, he’s appreciated even by people who don’t follow football.

He is an extraordinary, talented athlete, today he is considered the strongest goalkeeper in the world. He made his debut in the national team at the age of 19.

He stood out for his quick reflexes and his speed of execution. He started playing for Parma, then moved to Juventus where he stayed from 2001 to 2018 before moving to Paris Saint-Germain.

For the 2019/2020 season he returns to Juventus.

By the IFFHS, which stands for International Federation of Football History & Statistics, from 2003 to 2017 he was awarded as “Best Goalkeeper in the World”, then as “Best Goalkeeper of the 2000/2009 decade, in 2009 and 2012 as “Best Goalkeeper of the last twenty years” and in 2012 as “Best Goalkeeper of the 21st Century”.

In addition to these awards during his career he has received many other recognitions such as being included in the FIFA 100, the list of the 125 greatest living players and in 2012 he was awarded the title of Vice President of the Italian Footballers Association, which has never been awarded to a player still in activity.

Also in 2016 he broke the unbeaten record of 974 minutes, which had previously been held by Sebastiano Rossi who kept his goal unbeaten for 929 minutes.

5th position

Would you like to find out who has the most Instagram followers 2020 in the fifth position?

Well, certainly one personality who still arouses a lot of interest: Mario Balotelli who with 9.1 million followers occupies the fifth position.

As well as recounting his football exploits, he publishes photos showing his life characterised by luxury and glitz.

Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo but has Ghanaian origins. As a child he was placed in the care of a family in Brescia and only managed to obtain Italian citizenship when he came of age.

He soon started playing football, becoming the youngest player ever. At the age of 17, he made his Serie A debut playing for the Inter team.

In addition to being known for his talents, he was also noted for making various ill-advised gestures. At one point in his career he left Inter to move to Manchester City, then returned to Italy to play for Milan.

After that he was bought byLiverpool, returned on loan to Milan, then Nice and Marseille and finally in 2019 returned to Italy again to play with Brescia. He also played in the youth national team and the senior national team.

Who has the most followers on instagram 2020: 4th position

who has the most instagram followers 2020 5

A step away from the bronze medal, in fourth place, we find Fedez with 9.2 million followers.

We cannot tell you today whether he is better known as Chiara Ferragni’s husband or as a singer. Although he started out on YouTube, he owes his success to Instagram, which has enabled him to make himself known to more people.

It also allowed him to collaborate with and sponsor the most famous brands.

He mainly owes his fame to music, but let’s say that today many people are talking about him because of his love story with Chiara Ferragni, with whom he married and had a son, Leone Lucia.

They are certainly one of the most popular couples on social networks and also in gossip and fashion magazines.

As a teenager, he decided to leave school to pursue a musical career. At the age of 18, he released his first EP (Extended Play) “Pat-a-Cake”.

From then on he never stopped, collaborating with various artists such as Emis Killa, J-Ax, Marracash, Jake La Furia and many others.

In 2011 his first album “Penisola che non c’è” was released, then in 2013 “Mr. Brainwash – l’arte di accontentare” was released, a very successful album. In the same year, together with J-Ax, he founded the record company Newtopia.

Then in 2014 his fourth record “Pop-Hoolista” was released, which was also a great success. In 2019 he released “Paranoia Airlines”, his fourth album where several artists such as LP and Annalisa collaborated.

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Who has the most Instagram followers 2020: 3rd position

At the moment, Belen Rodriguez, the most talked-about showgirl of all time, is tied with 9.2 million followers. Model, showgirl, TV presenter and actress, she has won over her audience with her skills and beauty

On Instagram she enchants her followers by showing herself in sexy and deliberately provocative poses.

Belen Rodriguez began her career working as a model at the age of 17. Although she finished school and enrolled at university, she dreamed of working in show business and fashion.

She arrives in Italy, but can only work as a model, her residence permit does not allow her to do anything else. After a year’s stay in Italy, she is noticed by a television agent who gives her small parts in some well-known programmes.

She became popular thanks to her relationship with the Milan footballer Marco Borriello.

Her physique was always highlighted, for example in 2004 she posed for the monthly magazine “Fox Uomo”, then in 2006 her first calendar came out, which were followed by two others one in 2007 for “Maxim” and the other in 2008 for “Matrix”.

On television she has hosted several programmes, for example “Il Circo Massimo Show” with Fabrizio Frizzi, in 2008 she participated as a contestant in “L’isola dei famosi”, hosted “Scherzi a parte” with Claudio Amendola and Teo Mammucari and “Sarabanda”, “Colorado” and “Italia’s Got Talent”.

Her popularity has also been boosted by her various love affairs, such as the one with Fabrizio Corona and Stefano De Martino, with whom she married in 2013 and together they had a son, Santiago De Martino.

She has also become a designer by designing clothes and costumes with her sister Cecilia and an entrepreneur by founding with Stefano De Martino the brand “4store” (chain of clothing shops).

Who has the most followers on Instagram 2020: 2nd position

who has the most instagram followers 2020 4

The silver medal goes to Gianluca Vacchi who reached the second position thanks to his 14.7 million followers.

The entrepreneur has managed to become the most popular influencer of the moment simply by showing off his life, which is divided between parties, dancing, sports, publishing photos in the most beautiful places in the world.

Lately, he has also taken up a career as a DJ.Son of the founder of I.M.A. (Industria Macchine Automatiche), Gianluca Vacchi worked in this company until he was twenty-nine and owns 30% of it.

After that he bought shares in various groups such as Eurotech. In the meantime he founded his own brand, GV (Gianluca Vacchi) where he focused on jewellery and clothing.

At a certain point in his life he decided to share his days with others, thus becoming the most sought-after star on the web today. He is certainly liked because the life he leads represents the dream of many young people and others.

He often captures himself surrounded by beautiful girls in beautiful places, on the beach and on a yacht.

He cares a lot about his physique, loves tattoos and his acquaintances include many famous people from the worlds of football and fashion, for example. He has also published his own book, a biography entitled ‘Enjoy’.

Among other things, he has also devoted himself to music, working as a deejay.

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1st position

Who but Chiara Ferragni could have dominated the ranking of the most followed Italian stars on Instagram, with 18.5 million followers.

She gets the gold medal, and it couldn’t have been any other way as she was also the first fashion blogger to become popular in Italy and then in the rest of the world, just like Mariano Di Vaio.

Chiara Ferragni owes her fame to her work as a fashion blogger and model. Together with her boyfriend at the time, she opened the blog “The Blonde Salad” where she talks purely about fashion.

She immediately became very successful. Initially she talked about her life as a student who divided her time between Milan and Cremona and where she also involved her boyfriend and her dog.

Then she decided to talk in particular about the clothes she buys, dispensing fashion advice. Over the years her success has only increased, becoming the sponsor of many important brands.

As an influencer, she has received several awards both in Italy and the United States.

The romance she embarked on with Fedez also contributed to her popularity, showcasing their relationship and their son Leone Lucia.

Furthermore, in 2019 a documentary film about her life “Chiara Ferragni – Unposted” was made and presented during the 76th Venice Film Festival.

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