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When is my order completed?

Our services are of excellent quality and a team of experts will follow you even after the purchase to allow you to grow safely.

Do the accounts interact with my profile?

Absolutely yes! Our sharing and communication techniques exploit a network of real accounts that interact voluntarily and spontaneously with the content you indicate.

Are the accounts real or fake?

Absolutely real and active. The services we offer you are all high quality and instantaneous.

We do not do anything that could compromise your account, such as spamming or using bots. You will only have real interactions from real profiles on your account.

Is it possible that my account is blocked?

No! We at Traffik Up use real accounts and interactions.

Will you need my username and password to enter my profile?

It is not necessary, the only thing we will need is the link of the content with which you want to get more likes, followers, etc. We don't need your password or username.

Can I request an invoice for your services?

Of course, on request we will issue a regular tax invoice.

What happens if some users stop following me?

Just contact our customer service asking for a free refill, an operator will be at your disposal for all your requests.

Will you post on my social media profiles without request?

Absolutely not. We do not need your username and password to provide you with our services and we will not post anything on your social channels.

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