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Let’s say that you are often very active on social networks, and especially on Instagram. Let’s say you use this platform on a daily basis because you want to post a large amount of images and videos, and because you want to share you life experience via Instagram stories.

If you have this strong passion for Instagram, you may have decided put into practice those super effective tips to increase followers that you find anywhere online, and now you obviously want to see if they were effective.

After some time, you would like to know how to see the views on your account, in order to eventually understand how and what to improve. Maybe your goal is to catch the attention of a specific brand or maybe just any brand, and you perfectly know that in order to become “Influencer material” your profile needs to be famous!

So, you might have decided to buy Instagram views to increase the chances of being spotted in the crowd. Do you want to know more about how Instagram views work? Then you shouldn’t worry: I can explain it to you, so if you want to buy Instagram views you’ll know exactly what you’re purchasing.

But first you need to know that there is a clear distinction between the views of Instagram stories and those related to the profile and posts. Instagram offers more analysis tools. There’s this magic little tool called Insights. But let’s go in order.

Buy Instagram views: a guide

Before telling you how to buy Instagram vies, I want to explain something first. In this guide I will tell you how and where to see the views related to the stories you have published, then I will explain how to analyze the progress of your profile and the posts you publish. Lastly, I will show you some third party tools for analyzing your account.

After all, if you have decided to know how to buy Instagram views, you’re dedicated to becoming popular, which means that you need to know all these little tricks! If you’re interested in this topic, I suggest you sit comfortably and dedicate a few minutes of your free time to me.

Pick up your Android or iOS device and carefully follow what I am about to illustrate: the procedures are identical for both operating systems. I wish you a good reading and a good job!

Why should you buy Instagram views

Before explaining in detail how the views on Instagram work and how to buy Instagram views, it’s necessary to make a brief introduction, in order to clarify the difference between the views of the stories and the advanced statistics of the Instagram Insights tool.

The latter allows you to view detailed and in-depth information for all the content published within Instagram (which includes the post and the stories as well), also offering an analysis relating to the progress of the profile.

To access the Insights tool, a necessary tool in your journey to buy Instagram views, you need to switch from your personal Instagram profile to your corporate one. This procedure requires a previously created Facebook page, so you can link your Instagram profile to it.

Instagram stories

We’re all familiar with Instagram stories. When we’re talking about views of Instagram stories we’re talking about data that can be viewed by all users, and there’s no need for a Facebook page here. However, these only refer to the people who have viewed the content shared within them.

What if I tell you that if you buy Instagram views this will also affect the popularity of your stories?  That being said, if you only want to see the views of the stories on Instagram, open the social network application by pressing its icon on your device screen.

Then tap on your profile picture to view the latest shared stories. Now, swipe from the bottom to the other and you will be able to see the Views section.

This screen shows a list with the names of the people who have viewed your Instagram story and is accessible with the exact same procedure through the application for Android, iOS and Windows 10. From the web version of Instagram, however, you can only see the number of people who viewed the story and not their names.

Instagram Insights

If you want to give a more professional look to your profile, which I think might be the case since you’ve decided to buy Instagram views, well if you chose to create and link a Facebook page because you’re willing to learn more about how Insights works.

You will be happy to know that this allows you to analyze your profile in detail, as well as the posts and stories you have published.

In the following lines I will explain in detail how it works with procedures that refer to the use of the Instagram application for Android and iOS. You should know that, unfortunately, you cannot use Insights feature via Windows 10 nor the Web version of Instagram.

The only solution to access the Statistical Data section of your Instagram account from a PC is to use the Facebook Creator Studio tool.


Why should you buy Instagram views: Instagram posts

Post interaction is fundamental if you want to become popular. If you want to buy Instagram views you have to be familiar with a few aspects of how Instagram works. If you want to know more about the people who interact with the content you publish, just go to the screen of your Instagram profile.

Then tap on one of the published media contents and press the View statistical data button, located next to the word Promote.

You will then be able to see on the screen a drop-down menu with the heart symbol (which represents the number of “likes” that the content has received), the symbol of a comic (which indicates the comments received for that particular content) and the symbol of a bookmark (which refers to the number of times the content has been saved by other users).

Expand this menu with a swipe from the bottom to the top, to see the number of interactions that the content has received. With the option Suggested, you can read the number of accounts reached, with the percentage of potential new followers indicated.

There is also the wording Impression which, divided into the home, profile, hashtags and more, is used to understand in which section of Instagram the post you shared got the most views. This feature is, as you can see, fundamental if you want to see your account grow.

This also means that if you do buy Instagram views you’ll grow even faster.

Instagram Profile

If you buy Instagram views, you’ll be able to affect Instagram statistics. This feature can also give you information about the state of your profile and the progress of your account. To access it, simply tap the button with the graphic symbol, located at the top of your profile.

The Insights section of the profile is divided into three macro categories: Activities, Contents and Audience. The Activities category shows the Interactions pane (i.e. the total touches on your posts or profile), with a detailed chart that indicates the interactions divided over the week.

The Suggested box, on the other hand, indicates the number of accounts reached (i.e. the people who do not yet follow you and therefore the potential followers) in a predetermined period of time.

There are also the items Coverage and Impressions: the first refers to the number of unique accounts that have seen the content you have published, while the second concerns the total number of times your content has been viewed.

The Content category is used to view a summary of all published content (posts, stories and possibly also sponsored content), in order to allow the analysis of the interactions they have received. In particular, the Post entry of the feed shows the number of views for the last published posts.

The item Stories, on the other hand, indicates the number of views for the latter. Finally, there’s the Audience category that allows you to see a series of advanced statistics relating to followers.

Stories stats

What brands are most interested in are statistics. If you buy Instagram views you’ll be able to attract their attention! The statistics of the Insights tool are also available for Instagram stories: tap on your profile picture, to view the published stories, and then press the graphic symbol, which you find next to the wink symbol.

You can then access the Interactions and Coverage sections, which show you the interactions of users towards the published story, and also the number of accounts that have seen this particular content.

In correspondence with the heading Navigation there are the items Back, Next, Next Story and Releases: data that refer to the specific way in which people interacted with the story you published (for example if they have tapped to view the next story, the previous one, or if they swiped to skip it).


How to buy Instagram views: alternatives

By now I think you will have realized how important Instagram views are and why it seems a good idea to buy Instagram views, to make sure your profile looks popular. As an alternative to using the Insights tool, there are some free applications you can download on Android and iOS that can help you analyze your Instagram profile.

In this case, however, keep in mind that since these are unofficial solutions integrated with the Instagram API, they may at any time no longer work correctly. An example of the solutions you referred to is the Reports + application, which allows you to view various statistics relating to your Instagram profile.

Available for free download on Android and iOS, the app analyzes information such as the trend of followers in the last few days, also indicating numbers relating to the people who view your Instagram profile, who have chosen to block you and also those who have stopped following you.

To use it, once downloaded and started, press the Login with Instagram button, indicate the login data of your profile (phone number, username or e-mail and password) and press Login.

Once logged in, you can see on the screen a summary section for your account with information such as, for example, the number of followers, people who no longer follow you and people who have viewed your profile.

The app is free but some statistics, such as those that show the complete list of profile visitors, are subject to payment.

Another alternative

Another example of an application you can use to see the statistics of an Instagram account is Followers Insight which is available for free for Android and iOS and is able to analyze your account, showing you in detail the growth in terms of “likes”, comments and followers.

This app also provides some information on what are the most popular content among those published, based on “likes” and comments. Followers Insight is free but has banner ads that, on Android, can be removed by purchasing the paid version.

There is also the Follower Tracker app for Android called Followers Tracker for Instagram on iOS: its main features are similar to the other applications just mentioned, as it shows information about the progress of your account in terms of followers, “I like” and comments.

The application is free but has several limitations (for example, it does not show the list of people who view the profile without interacting) and has advertising banners. For unlimited use and without advertising, it is necessary to purchase the paid version with a free three-day trial.

You know that how important Instagram views are and maybe you’ve made your decision: you want to buy Instagram views. Please, read the following paragraph for information on how to do it.

How to buy Instagram views

There are a lot of online services who offer a various number of packs of likes, comments, views and post saves. If you want to buy Instagram views there are usually a few options, so you should choose the one you like best. The price often ranges from 1.99$ to 90$, for bigger packs. In order to purchase one, most websites will ask you to register to their site and to make your Instagram profile public.

Boosting services come with some risks if abused. However, if you want to buy Instagram views, you should go and look for websites that only work with service providers with a perfect track record, make sure to fact check everything, even when they say that they never experienced a situation where their client’s accounts were harmed or shadow banned after buying Instagram boost services from them.

Reliable social media boosting services should offer total anonymity, and they should not let anyone know you used our service, so it would be very hard for anyone to prove that anyone did. In addition to this, beware of scams!

There are no trustworthy websites where you can buy Instagram views that require you to insert your personal password. None of these social growth services will ever ask you for your password. Those that do are definitely scams, so do not purchase anything from these sites!