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Since Instagram introduced Stories, many users use this feature a lot to update their followers on the activities they carry out during your days: hobbies, jobs, movies seen, books read, good moments, moments of sadness. 

However, you may have noticed that the number of people viewing your content is not very high and you would like to try to change that so that you have more people watching the stories and commenting on them. 

One of the quickest ways to understand how how to increase story views is to get interested in knowing how to buy Instagram story views. It is certainly not the only choice, but it is the fastest and the one that requires less effort.

In this article I will explain in a clear and exhaustive way how to understand the way you can buy Instagram story views, but some practical advice will also be provided on how to increase views on Instagram Stories. 

There are no “secret formulas” that can miraculously increase the views of your content. However, by following simple common sense rules and trying to make your content more interesting, you will be able to improve the situation at least a little and have more people who follow your stories and interact with them.

Take all the time you need to focus on reading the next few paragraphs and, more importantly, try to put into practice the directions I will give you.

How to increase Instagram views

The fundamental prerequisite for increasing the views of Instagram Stories is, of course, to regularly publish content that can be interesting for all those who follow your stories. 

Since the Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours, it is important to give more evidence to “fresh” content concerning your private life and the activities you do in your free time or, if you use Instagram for work, some aspect concerning the ” behind the scenes” of your business. 

It has to be something really innovative and captivating. In making Stories, it is important to try to prefer videos to photos. For what reason? 

As you can imagine, videos generate many more interactions than photos and this can increase their visibility for a very simple reason: the more interactions your content has, the greater the chances that Instagram can reward your efforts by showing them not only in Stories, but also in the “Explore” section. 

This would greatly increase the views, but yours must be a public profile, otherwise they will not show in any section.

Also try to publish more Stories a day very regularly: this will ensure that the preview of your Stories is offered in the main section of the “Stories” section of Instagram, at least for some time.

Furthermore, if you manage to accustom your audience to this kind of content, it is more likely that a mental mechanism will be triggered in them that pushes them to regularly check for new Stories to view and perhaps to entice other users to view your stories. creating a larger audience and increasing views.


How to make stories more engaging

Involving the public in Stories significantly increases the number of interactions that will be obtained from the photos or videos you post, and, consequently, their potential visibility on the platform. To engage your audience, you can use tools such as polls and questions.

To take advantage of the functionality that allows you to carry out surveys, access Instagram through the official app (valid for both Android and iOS), tap on the (+) symbol located next to your profile photo (on the item Your Story) and create a new Story using an image or video saved on your device or by creating a new content on the spot. 

After choosing the content to publish, tap the smiling sticker symbol at the top and, in the menu that appears from the bottom, tap the interactive Survey sticker. At this point, write the question you want to ask users in the text field “Ask a question …”, type in the text fields “Yes” and “No” the answer options you want to be voted on and press the End item (which you will find this at the top right) to complete the operation.

At this point you can select the survey in the point of the Story that you prefer and, as soon as you are ready to do so, press the Your Story button (located at the bottom left) to publish the survey in the Story you just made.

How to get your followers to interact

If your intention is to ask users questions or if you want them to be able to ask you questions, you can use the “Questions” sticker. Again, to proceed, you must first start the Instagram app on your Android or iOS device and log into your account (by entering your username and password). 

At this point, tap on the (+) symbol located next to your profile photo (on the item Your Story) and create a new Story using an image or video that you have saved on your smartphone, or create a new content on the moment. 

Once you have chosen the content to publish, tap on the smiling sticker symbol at the top and, in the menu that appears from the bottom, tap on the interactive “Questions” sticker. 

Now, fill in the “Ask me a question” text field with the formula you want to use to entice your followers to ask a question: for example, you could use “Ask me a question”, “What do you want to ask me?”, “Ask what you want?”, “Curiosity?”, “Tell me what you think”, or just “Questions ?”. 

At this point, tap on the “End” item that you will find at the top right and publish the Story with the sticker, by tapping the “Your story” button located at the bottom left.


Give importance to followers

Tagging other users in the Stories can increase the number of views of this type of content for a very simple reason: if a user is tagged, he will receive a notification and, most likely, will be encouraged to view the content to see what it is and maybe he could even decide to repost it on your account. 

To tag other users in Instagram Stories, log in to your account via the official social network app for Android or iOS and start creating a new Story by tapping the (+) symbol located next to your profile photo (in particular in the Your Story section). 

Here you can create a new story using an image or video that you have saved on your smartphone, or create a new content on the spot. Once you have chosen the content to publish, tap on the smiling sticker symbol located at the top and, in the menu that opens at the bottom, tap on the interactive @Mention sticker. 

At this point, write the username of the person you want to tag in the @Mention text field and tap on the End item (you will find it located at the top right). Then reposition the sticker in the point of the Story that you prefer and, when you are ready to do so, publish the content by tapping on Your Story (always in the lower left corner).

Beware of tags!

However, it is very important not to tag users inappropriately in the Stories just to attract their attention, but it is necessary to limit yourself to doing so only when the user in question is portrayed in the photo or video or if it is a content that may interest them closely, perhaps because it is related to a topic you have talked about or that concerns a study, a job or a pastime that you have in common. 

Finding yourself tagged by strangers in uninteresting posts, spam or topics far from your passions is rather unpleasant. But even being tagged by friends in posts that don’t interest us can be unpleasant and can also mean that someone decides not to follow each other’s stories anymore. 

For this reason, be careful who you tag in your stories, do it only if you think the other might like it.

Aside from all these ways of making your stories more engaging, you may still want to understand how to buy Instagram story views.

How to buy story views

An increasingly common practice among aspiring influencers and companies is to take an interest in how to buy story views. To do this in total safety and without the risk of falling into bad business, there are some websites that operate in total safety. It is obviously very important that you are fully aware of what you are doing.

There are marketing and communication agencies that offer their services in various languages, depending on the needs of who want to buy Instagram stories. The services sold allow you to buy story view packages. Just choose the number of views to buy, enter your Instagram username and complete the purchase. 

The views will start coming in very quickly, on average in less than 5 minutes, and will be directed to your most recent Instagram story.

Remember that there is no particular law that prevents you from learning how to buy story views and do it. Or even to buy followers or profile views. 

However, it is important to always check that the practices used by the service you rely on do not violate the rules of the social network. It is unlikely that you will lose the purchased views, if you buy them from one of the reputable and safe companies.

Interactions to stories

If you still don’t feel ready to implement the teachings on How to buy story views, I can recommend another way to increase views. But remember that these attempts obviously won’t give you the confidence of increasing views that the act of buy Instagram story views gives you instead. 

A rather valid trick to increase the number of views of Stories on Instagram is to view those of others and interact with them: in fact, by doing so, it is likely that other users will also do the same thing with you, driven by the curiosity to see what you do. and what do you post.

To view the Stories of other users on Instagram, all you have to do is go to the Stories section of Instagram. This section can be reached by tapping the house icon in the social network app for Android or iOS or by consulting the right panel in the Web version of the service.

After opening and viewing the Story of your interest, if you are acting as an app, you can interact with it by pressing on the “Send message” text field and writing a message to be sent to the user who created the content, or by using one of the reactions quick among those that will be listed.


In addition, know that by analyzing the statistics of your account, and in particular those concerning the Stories, it is possible to understand which types of content are most successful with your audience.

It is important on social networks to always be active with your followers, post original content on a daily basis, but sometimes it may not be enough. 

Instagram Stories have revolutionized the way of communicating on social networks, quickly becoming a feature widely used by users. They are also present on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, but created by Snapchat. 

They represent a fast and immediate way to share thoughts, emotions and personal experiences instantly. They are an excellent means of communication with their followers, loved and widely used by influencers to stay active, and well regarded by many companies that often ask for collaborations or sponsorships with the most viewed and famous Instagram profiles, to be known or incentivized. 

The sale of a particular product.

For such collaborations they need large numbers of people who view the story with the certainty of reaching as many people as possible. In this regard, buy Instagram story views is an easy way to be visible and seek collaborations.