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Well, Instagram has changed a little bit. Happens to the best of us! If you’re not new on Instagram, then you are definitely familiar with the thought that having many “likes” on Instagram means being on a highway to that influencer life that we all dream about. 

But there have been a few changes around here. Instagram just got a brand new algorithm! Which means… goodbye likes and welcome “saved items”! You know what Instagram saves are. That little symbol on the bottom left of the picture has become more important than the cute little heart! 

The contents saved on Instagram are the new engagement index that affects brands. Which obviously means that in order to become more popular, in order to be “seen” by brands you will need to buy Instagram post saves! 

Changes are not unfamiliar with Instagram stuff. Not long ago the number of likes was visible for everyone. With the removal of the number of likes, the new engagement rate has shifted from the rating of likes to private “saved” ones. 

The “saved” are also a signal of how the Instagram algorithm works: the more people save your photos, your videos and generally everything you post, the more likely it is that they will become popular. 

So if you want to see your profile grow, you will need to focus on making the post captivating enough to save it! And maybe try to buy Instagram post saves.

Why should you buy Instagram post likes: behind the new Instagram algorithm

The new Instagram algorithm determines the order of posts that users see when they scroll through their feed. Based on specific signals, it gives priority to the best posts, bringing the most relevant ones upwards and giving them maximum visibility; the other contents, on the other hand, end up being placed lower. 

And what are these signs? While the new Instagram algorithm is subject to constant changes, the following ranking factors are critical and should guide your strategy:

  • Users who interact with a lot of your Instagram content are more likely to see your future content. Continued involvement is important for building a loyal audience.
  • Interest in similar content. This signal is based on the interest in accounts similar to yours by users who explore Instagram. If they interact with other content similar to yours, users are more likely to see your posts.
  • When you publish a post on Instagram, the algorithm assigns it a relevance score which then affects its visibility in the feed.

Also take into account these further more general aspects, disclosed by Instagram:

  • When users follow a lot of accounts, you have more competition to reach the top of their feed.
  • When users don’t spend a lot of time on Instagram or don’t open the app as often, you’re less likely to see your content if it’s not at the top.
  • Business profiles on Instagram are not directly disadvantaged in terms of organic reach compared to personal profiles.

Behind the algorithm

Things have changed for Reels and IGTV as well. In a user’s feed, the Instagram Stories of the profiles with which this user interacts the most appear first. Comments, likes, direct messages – all these elements count for positioning in the feed. 

It should be added that the Stories are also shown based on their geographical position; that is why the use of hashtags with the position in the Stories is becoming more and more common. The more users interact with your brand, the larger the audience that sees your updates from time to time. 

Therefore, always post new Stories in order to reach followers when they open their Instagram account. The Instagram algorithm for video content such as Reels and IGTV is similar to the algorithm for feeds. The content you post appears to users who interact more with your profile. 

To increase the visibility of the Reels, share them first on your feed by including hashtags. Instagram tends to favor the possibility of discovering new features. Therefore, try to implement a strategy to take advantage of Instagram Reels as soon as possible. 

The Instagram algorithm tends to give wide visibility to published content with its latest features – so currently with Reels. But in addition to creating content, you should follow a broader strategy if you want to find customers on Instagram. 

Want to get the most out of Instagram? Regularly publishing content is no longer enough! Also focus on creating high quality relationships and content by interacting with Instagram users, and buy instagram post saves.

Instagram algorithm and how to buy Instagram post saves

The “saved” of Instagram posts appeared about a couple of years ago to give the chance to save your most favorite content. By clicking the bookmark at the bottom right, under the post you found scrolling and that you decided to keep accessible for an extended period of time, the post in question is added to your “saved” posts, making it easy to find later, and maybe share. 

Instagram has also introduced another important feature called “Collections”. This new addition allows you to classify all of your favorite posts into categories divided by topics. Thus, you have the possibility to create a real personalized library of your favorite posts! 

Now, I have told you just few lines up that the “saved items” have become more important than ever: in fact, the more your post is saved, the more the Instagram algorithm will place it in the other users’ feed, or even on the “Search” page. And what does this mean? 

Well, that you’ll have to make sure that you make people want to save your posts, and you could achieve this by creating entertaining content, by being consistent, by finding a specific niche of viewers who will rely on you for fun or information. 

Or you could even decide to use a shortcut (because we are all impatient, after all) and deciding to buy Instagram post saves. There are a few ways to do so and if you stick around you will find out how to buy Instagram post saves.


How does the new algorithm works?

Let’s go a bit deeper on how this new algorithm works. The Instagram algorithm uses a number of 7 fundamental factors to determine the position of a post in the Instagram feed. One of these factors is without any doubt the way content viewers engage with everything you post. 

This is based on how people interact with you, which means likes, comments, views and saves! We’re getting closer to why it might be your best move to buy Instagram post saves. 

The new Instagram algorithm “reads” the number of times the post has been saved as an index of content quality: the simple fact that users save your post gives a specific information to the algorithm, which is that your post is high quality content and therefore deserves to be shared with more people! 

Long story short, the “save item” function of Instagram is similar to the “priority” tag of an email, so this is why it’s a good idea to buy instagram post saves.

If you are able to get more likes, more comments and now, with this new algorithm, even more “saves” for each post you publish, especially as soon as it is published, then your content will become more popular, and Instagram will read it as if it is more important. 

This is exactly the reason why you should stop focusing on likes and redirect your attention to post saves, and which is why if you want your profile to grow and be discovered by brands you might want to consider to buy Instagram post saves to make it popular.

Why should you buy Instagram post saves

Why have “saves” become so important? And why do they matter in whether or not your profile becomes famous? And then why should you spend good money to buy Instagram post saves in order to watch your profile grow bigger and bigger? 

What started as an experiment in Canada only has now spread to many other states, including Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Japan, Italy and New Zealand! We are carrying out a test that hides the number of likes for some people in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand. 

Keeping this change in mind, the number of likes has slowly become less and less of value for any brand that has an interest on evaluating how successful a post is. 

Brands feed on visibility, which means that if your posts are not visible to a large amount of people than no brand out there will consider your profile as a promoting asset. You will need a bigger audience, and you could do that if you buy Instagram post saves. 

In order to calculate the level of engagement, a lot of companies have started to take into account “saves” as a measure of the success of a profile! Often called “true engagement” the calculations include not only likes and comments, which have become rather obsolete, but also the times the post is saved. 

So, for Influencers, this type of metric therefore becomes very important; in fact, every “save” must be seen as a “super like”.


A few advices

In a world obsessed with social media, the numbers matter. Our studies show that having more engagements like post saves makes it much more likely that people find and engage with your account. 

The more engagements you have, the more authoritative your account looks, the more visibility you get on the Instagram search engine. Having a lot of Instagram saves affects the Instagram algorithm positively. If you want to achieve success on Instagram shortly, you can buy Instagram saves to put your account forward. 

While a simple like is a way for users to communicate to a brand that they have seen the post and that they like it, the “save” button becomes an indicator of the value that the post in question has for them. 

Influencer and Instagram expert Christina Galbato discussed the importance of “saves” and how they direct engagement, placing you high in the algorithm. So if you want to know exactly what your audience really likes, take a look at the number of “saves” of your posts. 

Once you understand the importance of this metric, it is time to understand how to record more “saves” in your posts.

Be careful

There are a lot of online services who offer a various number of packs of likes, comments, views and, in light of the recent change of algorithm, post saves. There are usually a few options, so you should choose the one you like best. 

In order to purchase one, most websites will ask you to register to their site and to make your Instagram profile public. Then you will paste a link connected to the post you are interested in, then you should enter the quantity of post saves you want to buy and submit your order. 

Boosting services come with some risks if abused. However, if you want to buy Instagram post saves, you should go and look for websites that only work with service providers with a perfect track record, make sure to fact check everything, even when they say that they never experienced a situation where their clients accounts were harmed or shadow banned after buying Instagram boost services from them. 

Reliable social media boosting services should offer total anonymity, and they should not let anyone know you used our service, so it would be very hard for anyone to prove that anyone did. In addition to this, beware of scams! 

There are no trustworthy websites where you can buy Instagram post saves that require you to insert your password. None of these social growth services will ever ask you for your password, ever! Those that do are definitely scams, so do not purchase anything from these sites!