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Buy Instagram Impressions is very easy:

  1. Select the number of Impressions you want;
  2. Enter the correct Instagram link on which you want the promotion;
  3. Complete the payment.

Buy Instagram impressions

Looking for reliable sites to buy Instagram views? In previous articles, I’ve already shown you where to buy followers, comments and, likes for Instagram. Today instead we will talk about another practice increasingly widespread among aspiring influencers and companies: to buy impressions for Instagram videos and stories.

First of all, we will see the best and safest sites to buy Italian or international impressions for Instagram. Then I will answer any questions and doubts you may have regarding the use of this practice so that you can be fully aware of what you’re doing.

If you decide to buy views Instagram stories, or impressions Instagram videos, first you have to be sure to do it from a reliable service, that is able to provide you with real impressions without putting your Instagram account at risk, that you’ve struggled so hard to create and grow.

We tested and reviewed the best sites to buy Instagram impressions (for stories, videos and IGTV) that are on the market, we have selected them and here we have reviewed the 6 most reliable. Bcube Agency is a marketing and communication agency offering its services in Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Represents the leading European company for the sale of followers, likes, subscribers, comments and views for various social networks. It is the best and most comprehensive site in Italian to buy Instagram impressions: offers a high-quality service, low prices, quick activation and customer support in Italian also through Whatsapp.

Sites where to buy Instagram impressions

Thanks to Bcube Agency you can: buy impressions Instagram stories: this service on Bcube starts from a minimum package of 100 story views (at a cost of 2.99 euros) and, up to 100,000 views of stories. Choose the number of views you want, enter your Instagram username and complete the purchase.

Impressions will start arriving in less than 5 minutes and, will be directed to your most recent Instagram story. Buy Instagram video impressions: the price of the service and the packages available are the same as those related to the story views.

The only difference is that in this case at the time of purchase, you’ll have to insert the link to the video you want to upload views too.  Buy IG’s impressions: IGTV (Instagram TV) impressions are a premium service offered by Bcube Agency, and the price is slightly higher than the views for stories and for normal videos.

100 views IGTV cost 4.99 euros, and the price of 1000 views is currently equal to 9.99 euros. Besides  the views, Bcube Agency offers numerous other services related to Instagram. Compra Social is another very popular Italian site on which you can buy impressions stories and Instagram videos.

As for the story views, the price of the package from 100 is equal to 1.80 euros, while the price of 1000 is 4.50 euros. The views arrive within 24 hours from the time of purchase and, you will receive them on all the stories present at the time of delivery.

Tips how to buy Instagram impressions

CompraSocial also offers the so-called “restoration guarantee”, or the possibility of asking for a reinstatement of the services purchased in the event that there is a decrease (followers, likes, impressions…) within 30 days from the time of purchase.

Another really nice feature of this site are the crystals, which can be stored during purchases and, can be used at a later time to receive free services on Comprasocial. SocialSite is an  that offers social media marketing services, website creation and development of mobile applications.

On their site you find packages to increase your visibility for virtually every existing social network.: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedln, Twitter Tik Tok, SoundCloud, Pinterest and others more. With regard to Instagram views, I must say that Social Site offers a truly exceptional choice.

It allows you to: buy Instagram video views Italian, from 4.90 euros. Buy Instagram stories impressions, from 4.90 euros. Buy direct impressions Instagram from 7.90 euros. Buy automatic story views from 34.90 euros. The most interesting service is definitely the automatic story impressions.

In practice, by purchasing the package from 34.90 euros you will receive 500 impressions automatically on each story you load, for a period of one month. All services purchased will be activated within 24/48 hours from the time of payment and, the impressions will start appearing on your profile immediately after.

Customer service side, service is outstanding: dedicated Whatsapp number and live chat will give you constant support from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm. All in Italian. You can take advantage of a 10% discount on any order placed on Social Site, entering the code NEON10 at the time of purchase.

Different apps to buy Instagram impressions  

Another very interesting site in Italian, on which you can buy Instagram impressions and much more, is definitely Visibility Reseller. Probably Visibility Reseller is the cheapest website around to buy Instagram-related services. As for the impressions is very simple.

The purchasing process on Visibility Reseller is quite simple: add to the cart the packages you want; continue on the checkout page and click on finish order;  enter the link to your video on your IG profile and the payment details; click on the place order button.

Immediately after making the payment, you will be redirected to a page that asks you to enter your email to receive the confirmation and receipt of the order, but this is an optional step, since the views will start coming anyway.

Visibility Reseller is an excellent site in terms of quality/ price ratio of the services offered and, also provides immediate assistance in case of need, through an Italian chatbot. Media Mister is one of the most complete sites in the world to purchase services related to social networks. Offers practically every kind of packages and nationalities.

With regard to nationality, you can choose whether to buy Instagram impressions from around the world or from a specific country. Media Mister also offers you the opportunity to request the refund of purchases made for a maximum period of time equal to 30 days.

Buy Impressions on Instagram

Social Empire is an international website offering high quality services related to Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and Tik Tok. On Social Empire you can buy Instagram impressions, while the purchase of story views is currently not available.

The basic package is the one from 500 Instagram impressions and, it costs 4.49 dollars. The most substantial package offered on the site is the 100.000 videos impressions, and has a price of only 68.49 dollars (for this reason Social Empire is particularly advantageous in case of important purchases).

You will receive customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, discretion and anonymity for your orders. Besides, Social Empire ensures that only the safest promotion techniques are used to provide its services. If you’ve come to read this far, I guess you still have many doubts about the decision to buy Instagram impressions.

What are the best sites to buy Instagram impressions? As seen in this article, the best Italian language site where to buy Instagram impressions is Bcube Agency. The best international website which is the most complete by far, is Media Mister.

Is buying Instagram impressions legal? There is no law that prevents you from buying impressions for a video or your Instagram stories. However, we invite you to always check that the practices used by the service does not violate the rules of social media.

Frequent questions: Is buying Instagram impressions safe?

That depends on the service you rely on. Buy impressions stories from reputable sites like Bcube Agency is totally secure, while with other sites that offer interactions from fake or low-quality profiles you might run into some risk.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram impressions? On Bcube Agency you can buy 100 Instagram story impressions at a cost of 2.99 euros. If instead you are interested in more story impressions, I recommend that you can check the available packages and their prices on the official Bcube Website. How much does it cost to buy Instagram video impressions?

On Bcube Agency, the price of impressions for Instagram videos is equal to that of story impressions. 100 views cost 2.99 euros. Is it possible to buy IGTV impressions? There are few sites that offer the opportunity to buy IGTV  impressions.

The best are definitely Bcube Agency and Media Mister. Risk of losing the impressions I buy after a certain period? It is unlikely that you will lose the views purchased, if you buy them from one of the companies reviewed in this article.

Besides, some providers like Buy Social offer a guarantee of reinstatement, that allows you to get other views for free, in case you lose them. Where to buy Instagram views Italian? If you are interested in buying Instagram video impressions from Italian profiles, you can do it on Social Site at a very affordable price.

Using the code NEON 10, you will also be entitled to a 10% discount on your order.

The best sites to buy Instagram impressions

In Social Ads you can buy views on Instagram from high-quality profiles and with photos of the same profile. But that’s not all, on the site explain that sometimes it may happen that more views are provided than those purchased.

Activation times are included almost immediately, the profile must be public to get impressions and you do not need to provide any password: simply enter the account link. The customer support is in Italian and is available exclusively by email.

After testing it, I can give a totally positive opinion on it: I received a reply within a few minutes. You also have a discount of 10% if you enter the code isocialportatadiclick at the time of purchase. Another great site where you can buy Instagram impressions for stories, videos and IGTV is called Getafollower. It is the leading US company in its business sector.

Getafollower also offers packages of impressions that come from real profiles, with photos and descriptions. The activation of the service and the delivery of the views takes place from a minimum of 24 to maximum of 72 hours from the purchase.

You simply have to choose the package with the quality you prefer, select the nationality of the impressions, enter the URL of the content and click on Order Now. On the customer service side, the service is exceptional: a dedicated Whatsapp number and live chat will give you constant support from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm. All in Italian.

Impressions on Instagram  

Will Instagram ban my account if I buy impressions? No, Instagram will not ban your account to purchase impressions. In the worst case scenario, you’ll lose your purchased impressions, which is not good news for you wasting your reputation.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you only use sites that offer high quality impressions. If you purchase comments from the services I recommend, you can be sure that purchasing impressions will not be a risk to your reputation and account.

Will other people know that I’m buying impressions on Instagram? Other Instagrammers may suspect that you are buying impressions, especially if they are of low-quality. The most important features of any impressions provider are preservation in time and quality.

Also pay attention to the presence of the satisfied or reimbursed, privacy policies and customer support before pressing the purchase button. Buying impressions on Instagram is not a scam. Offer solid money-back guarantees.

The most important features of any impression provider are presentation in time and quality. Look how long the impressions stay active after purchase and how authentic and active they look. Is buying impressions on Instagram safe?

Yes, they don’t do anything else o your account and it is unlikely that your account will be banned or suspended for this. Moreover, there is o law against buy impressions on Instagram. But some practices used by some vendors go against Instagram’s police.

There is a greater risk of losing the impressions you have purchased if the company uses questionable strategies.