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Buy Instagram Comments

Buy Instagram Comments is very easy:

  1. Select the number of Comments you want;
  2. Enter the correct Instagram link on which you want the promotion;
  3. Complete the payment.

Buy Instagram comments

Looking for reliable sites to buy Instagram comments on? In the previous articles I have already explained how to buy followers and like Instagram, while in this today we will talking about another practice aimed at increasing its popularity on the social network of the moment: buy custom, random or automatic Instagram comments.

We tested and examined one by one the best sites that offer the opportunity to buy personalized Instagram comments, we have selected them and below we have reviewd the most reliable: Traffik-up, 1milionedifan, Visibility Reseller and Compra Followers.

Traffik-up is a marketing and communication agency offering its services in Italian, French, German and Spanish. Represents the leading European company for the sale of followers, like, subscribers, comments and views for various social networks.

Traffik-up offers really high quality Instagram comment packages: each comment is totally customizable and can include Italian text, emoticons and hashtags. The activation of the service and the delivery of the comments happens within 24 hours from the purchase.

Here is the procedure to follow to buy Instagram comments with Traffik-up: visit the sales page of the service; choose the number of the comments you wish to receive; enter the URL of your image or your Instagram video; insert the personalized comments you want to receive (one per line); click on the Buy button.

Other points in favor of Traffik-up are definitely customer support via email, phone and Whatsapp (active 24 hours a day for 7 days a week), and the moneyback guarantee that allowd you to get your moneyback in case somenthingis not to your liking in the service received.

Where and how to buy Instagram comments

Besides Instagram comments, Traffik-up also offers packages of likes, followers and views. Find all the services related to Instagram made available by the agency. 1milionedifan is an Italian communication and marketing agency, which offers social media marketing services, website creation, graphic design and mobile application development.

It is definitely one of the most complete sites in Italy to buy promotional packages for Instagram. In his offer we can in fact find: international followers, Italian followers, followers targeted, followers vip,automatic likes, story views, video views, comments and automatic comments.

We spend a few more words on services related to Instagram comments. Custom Instagram Comments: on 1milionedifan you can buy basic package from 10 comments at a price of 4.99 euros. The maximum number of comments available in a single solution is 500 and, has a cost of 79.90 euros.

You will choose the text of the comments at the time of purchase. All comments come from real and verified accounts and, will arrive on your profile gradually, within a few days of purchase.

Automatic Instagram comments: as for automatic comments, you will need to select both the number of comments you want to receive and,  be amount of posts you want to receive them on. These are interactions that you will receive on future posts, or the next photos and videos that you will post on Instagram.

Tips for buying comments on Instagram

Customer service side, the service is exceptional: dedicated Whatsapp number and live chat will give you constant support from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 7pm. All in Italian. You can also take advantage of a 10% discount on any of your orders placed on 1milionedifan, entering the code NEON10 at the time of purchase.

Visibility Reseller is an international website that offers the possibility to purchase numerous services for every existing social network. It is in my opinion the best international alternative to Visibility Reseller if you want to buy random or custom Instagram comments.

The types of Instagram comments made available by Visibility Reseller are three: random comments, personalized comments and automatic comments. In the first case the comments you will receive under your photos or under your videos will be totally random (you can still choose Italy as a target country and the possibility of receiving Italian comments will be higher).

The service price starts at 2 dollars for 10 comments, and goes up to 19 dollars for 100 comments. In the case of personalized comments, you will decide the text of your comments (insert one per line). The price of the services is slightly higher as it starts from dollars for 10 comments, up to 25 dollars for 100 comments.

All comments will be delivered within 48 hours of payment (for packages of 100 comments it may take a bit longer). Automatic comments are comments that will be automatically posted to future posts.

The types of Instagram comments

Automatic comments are comments that will be automatically posted to future posts. You must indicate the number of posts you want to receive comments for, the amount of comments, and the delay (or how long after the publication of the content comments should appear).

Also Traffik-up offers customer support via email (which usually responds to the maximum within 25 hours) and the moneyback guarantee. Besides Instagram comments, Traffik-up also offers numerous other services for the photo social network: responses to comments, visualization of stories or videos, like and like automatic and, Instagram follower.

Compra Followers is an Italian site that offers the opportunity to buy Instagram comments, as well as many other services for all major existing social networks. The available packages of Instagram comments are two types: random comments: these are random comments in English and, are delivered within 24 hours of purchase.

Price start at 2.80 euros. Personalized comments: these are comments that you will choose for yourself, one by one (so they can also be in Italian). They are delivered within 24 hours and start from a price of 6 euros. After choosing the package you want, followed the instructions and pressed the button “add to cart” you can complete the purchase, paying weith Paypal or credit card.

Instagram is a social network where the numbers count a lot! If you want to become an influencer for collaborations with brands, or manage an Instagram company profile, you must have the numbers on your side.

Buy Instagram comments is useful?

 Instagram is a social network where the numbers count a lot! If you want to become an influecner for collaborations, or manage an Instagram company profile, you must have the numbers on your side.

It’s not enough that your photos are great: if you have few followers, likes and comments, you will hardly manage to emerge and draw attention to yourself.

So buying comments on Instagram, better if real in Italian, is one of the most effective practices that can help you emerge from anonymity. This is because your photos and posts will look more engaging and interesting, both for companies chasing influencers, both for other real users, who seeing many comments, will be more likely to join the conversation.

It is so-called social proof that pushes users to conform to what others do. I your posts have many interactions in the form of likes and comments, then you will be able to elicit new reactions and comments to your content even from users who see you for the first time.

If you’ve come to read this far, I image you still have many doubts about the decision to buy Instagram comments. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by users like you. Buying Instagram comments is safe?

This depends on the service you rely on. Buying Instagram comments from reputable sites like Traffik-up or Visibility Reseller is totally safe, while with other sites offering spam comments from low quality profiles you might run into some risk.

Buy comments on Instagram: frequently questions

What are the benefits of buying Instagram comments? Buying comments is a practice that can help you build your authority and reputation on Instagram. A handful of comments on a post will encourage others to comments and join the conversation.

It’s always hard to start from scratch on social media, so why not take advantage of a little initial push? Buying Instagram Comments is legal? Absolutely Yes! There is no law that prevents you from buying Instagram comments.

But the practices used by some providers go against social network policies, so I advice you to rely only on safe sites like Traffik-up. Can I buy Italian comments for Instagram? It is possible to buy reviews in Italian, since some sites such a Traffik-up and Visibility Reseller when purchasing allow you to insert in a personalized way all the comments you want to receive below a certain photo or a certain video.

Where to buy automatic Instagram comments?

On the Visibility Reseller site you can buy automatic Instagram comments for future posts, indicating the number of posts on which you want to receive comments, the desired amount and the delay (how long after post publication comments should appear).

How do the reviewed sites sell comments for Instagram? Each agency is different and uses its own set of techniques and methods to get the Instagram comments you buy. These techniques may include simple bot networks or advantaged advertising campaigns on the targeted target.

Will other users notice that I bought Instagram comments?

Other Instagrammers may suspect you’re buying comments, especially if these are random, short or in English. If instead you buy personalized comments from high quality sites, it will be virtually impossible to find out that you bought them.

Buy Instagram comments Italian is easy. Adding comments to a photo or a video on Instagram takes more time and energy than letting someone you love. It doesn’t seem complicated, but when you view hundreds of publications every day, leaving comments on all the photos can take a long time.

Because of their rarity, the algorithm of this social network gives them particular importance. Comments are particularly appreciated by companies and influencers, who choose to buy comments to improve their visibility on Instagram.

The more comments you receive in the publication, the more likely you are to receive new ones. That’s why it’s very interesting to opt for Instagram comments. Buy Italian Instagram comments saves time and reduces efforts to create the kind of content that makes people want to post an observation, so that they can fully focus on their own photos.

Today, it can be incredibly difficult to stand out on Instagram over the competition. Using a service like ours can help you stand out from the crowd. Our comments service allows you to improve your referral but also your social credibility.

All Purchase-followers services on social media, including this, are designed to help you increase your visibility, level of commitment and sales.

How to place an order? Instagram comments

Select the package that suits your needs. In personalized comments, you can write your own comment, which we will of course deliver to your Instagram publication. Choose your post. Enter the URL link of your publication on which you want to receive comments.

If you want to buy Instagram comments for more articles, you need to place more orders. You can make payment via Paypal or credit card. When the payment is complete, you will see an order confirmation page and receive an order confirmation email.

Comments will be delivered naturally within a few hours. If you buy Instagram comments with our services you risk nothing our actions are not detectable by Instagram and, in accordance with their terms and conditions.

The comments we provide come from really active users connected to our network, which is why a delivery time of a few hours is required. Other websites offer services provided in seconds by bot accounts created by automated sofware, these methods are not at all safe and probably to have your account deleted.

Please keep in mind that you will not accept writings containing insults, violence, hatred or anything that contravenes EU rules.

Thanks to Instagram we can thus offer promotions, show appreciation to our users and customers by performing a simple regram, or sharing the images in which we are tagged; also planning popularity contests that see at the center of comments and recondivision of the photos the users themselves: so our fans will be the protagonists of our success, in a digital world where the image is often master.