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Buy Facebook Views

Buy Facebook Views is very easy:

  1. Select the number of Views you want;
  2. Enter the correct Facebook link on which you want the promotion;
  3. Complete the payment.

Buy Facebook views

Looking for reliable sites to buy Facebook views on? In a previous article, I have already explained how and where to buy likes Facebook, while in this today post we will talking about another practice aimed at increasing its popularity on the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg: buy Facebook views.

We tested and reviewed the best sites that offer the opportunity to buy views for Facebook videos and, below we have reviewed the 4 most reliable: Bcube Agency, Visibility Reseller, Comprasocial and, Get A Follower. Bcube is a marketing and communication agency offering its services in Italian, French German and, Spanish.

Represents the leading European company for the sale of followers, likes, subscribers and views for various social networks. Bcube Agency offers really cheap Facebook video views packages. All views come from real profiles and the activation of the services is within 24 hours of payment.

To buy Facebook views through Bcube Agency you have to visit the sales page of the service, choose the package you want, enter the URL of your Facebook video and click on the “Buy” button.

Other points in favor of Bcube Agency are definitely customer support via email, phone and, Whatsapp (active 24 hours a day for 7 days a week), and the money-back guarantee that allows you to get your money back in the case in which something is not to your liking in the service received.

Besides Facebook views, Bcube Agency also offers packages of likes, fans, comments and, friends.

Where to buy Facebook views: some tips to follow

Another very interesting site in Italian, on which you can buy Facebook views and much more, is definitely Visibility Reseller. The service offers views from real profiles, and delivery takes place very quickly. Even the prices are great since 1000 views cost only 1.89 euros.

The highest package available on the site is from 10000 views and, has a price of 12.84 euros. The purchasing process on Visibility Reseller is quite simple: go to this page and choose the package you want; add to cart and click on “finish order”; enter the link to your video and the payment details; click on the button “make the order”.

Immediately after making the payment, you will be redirected to a page that asks you to enter your email to receive confirmation and receipt of the order, but this is an optional step since the views will start coming anyway.

Visibility Reseller is an excellent site in terms of quality/ price ratio of the services offered and, also provides immediate assistance in case of need. Also on Comprasocial you can buy Facebook views at affordable prices.

The 1000 views package costs 2.90 euros and, scrolling the bar to the right or left you can see the price of all other packages available. The higher the number of views you will purchase, the larger the discount you will receive.

Comprasocial also offers the so-called “restoration guarantee”, or the possibility of asking for a reinstatement of the services purchased in the event that there is a decrease within 30 days from the time of purchase.

Buy Facebook Views: frequently Asked Questions

GetAFollower is an international website that offers the possibility to purchase numerous services for every existing social network. It is in my opinion the best alternative to Bcube Agency if you want to buy international Facebook views.

The types of Facebook views offered by Getfollower are two: video views (video views) and, live stream videos (direct views Facebook). As for the prices of video views, you start from 2 dollars for 500 views. All views come from real profiles and are made within 1-3 days from the time of purchase.

For larger packages (from 10000 views up) it may take up to a week for total delivery. To buy Facebook video views via Getfollower you have to visit the sales page of the service, choose the package you want, enter the URL of your Facebook video and click on the “order now” button.

Also, Getafollower offers customer support via email (which usually responds to the maximum within 24 hours) and the money-back guarantee. Besides Facebook views, the site offers packages of likes, fans, comments, shares, followers, reactions and, members of a group.

If you’ve come to read this far, I imagine you still have any doubts about the decision to buy Facebook views. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions by users like you. How much does it cost to buy Facebook views? This depends on which site you choose to stock up on.

Is it safe to buy Facebook views?

Bcube Agency, which is one of the best regarding the quality/ price ratio of Facebook views, offers a package of 1000 views at a price of 2.99 euros. This depends on the service you rely on.

Buying Facebook views from reputable sites like Bcube Agency or Getafollower is totally safe, while with other sites offering views from low-quality profiles you might run into some risk. Buying Facebook Views is Legal? Absolutely yes!

There is no law that prevents you from buying Facebook views. But the practices used by some providers go against Facebook’s policies. There is a greater risk of losing the views you have purchased if the company uses questionable strategies.

How do the reviewed sites sell views on Facebook? Each agency is different and uses its own set of techniques and methods to sell Facebook views to your page. These techniques may include simple bot networks or advanced advertising campaigns on the targeted target. Buying Facebook video views works?

Buying views is the fastest and easiest way to start growing your Facebook videos. It is always difficult to start from scratch on social media, so why not take advantage of a small initial boost? Even if they don’t talk about it, the truth is, millions of profiles, from celebrities to local businesses, bought Facebook views.

The tactic is popular because it works. Is it possible to buy views for your direct Facebook? Yes! the only site that offers this service, for now, is Getafollower.

Some frequently asked questions to buy views on Facebook

The popularity of a page is measured mainly by the number of likes and views count on the videos of Facebook published. To achieve optimum visibility and credibility, a large number of points of view are required.

Every time a visitor of your page watches one of your videos, the display counter increases, buys viewers Facebook. However, multiple views on the same video are not counted, display counter increases, buy Facebook viewers.

However, multiple views on the same video are not counted, that is a person who sees your video 10 times will be counted as only 1 view. This might explain why you can’t get a Facebook view.

To fix this problem you can easily buy Facebook views that will significantly increase the number of times your videos are viewed and at the same time their visibility and notoriety, buy Facebook viewers.

Video is the most used means to promote on Facebook, professional markers highlight their products with ads on Facebook. They also use the purchase of views on Facebook to give credit to their advertising. Since their videos have a large number of views, have more natural traffic towards them than a greater force of persuasion towards their new prospects.

To improve your Facebook videos, you can buy your Facebook views. Getting opinions reassures your community that you will be a fashionable person who is constantly developing and deserves to follow them.

Buy views on Facebook, a simple solution to becoming more popular

To improve your videos on Facebook, you can buy views on Facebook. If you want to buy views for your videos you just have to bring the URL of your Facebook video. Thanks to Ahcat-followers, now you can get a lot of traffic for your video at a lower cost, with our cheap Facebook views you will surely find what you need to power your video.

You can use this number of likes Facebook to increase your Facebook advertising campaigns to promote your professionalization and the relevance of your product. The ability to post video on Facebook is no longer a novelty and many marketers are exploiting this feature to increase their engagement.

To help you and many other people who frequently ask me for advice on how to increase Facebook video views. Many marketers upload their videos directly into Facebook ads, but to improve the times of facebook videos views this strategy works more effectively when uploading the video to the library.

Facebook video views: here’s how to increase them

To increase Facebook video views, choose widescreen video format with a ratio of 1920×1080 pixels, so that users can watch video on their phone in vertical way. Remember, to get 100% video completion percentages, you need to create the best user experience possible.

This is expecially important for longer videos, including vlog. After choosing your video and uploading it, it’s time to make good version of it to improve the times of Facebook video views.  Choose carefully the title of your video and add an attractive description this ends with an action invitation (CTA).

Also, remember to add relevant tags. Next, load an SRT file, which adds subtitles to your videos. Use videos will be played automatically without audio and, you’ll need subtitles to let people stay and watch it.  Finally, upload a custom thumbnail. Choose a high- quality image containing less than 20% text.

To check the amount of text in the image, you can use the “check image text” tool in the Facebook hub as shown below. Now that your video is good and ready, the next step is to schedule it.. Choose a high-quality image.

Programming the video organically instead of uploading it as an ad gives you the benefit of commenting on it first. To schedule your videos, click the small blue arrow next to the publish button. Then click on the schedule post option and choose the publication date and time. Before the video is released, add the first comment.

Apply this strategy also to blog posts and social posts allows the time increase of Facebook videos view and click on it.

Best practice

Your video is ready, then go to Power Editor to create your ad, choosing Facebook Video Views and setting budget, time, date, etc,. So, choose the target of your Facebook ads. Consider the demographic data and interests of your target.

At the ad level, select the video you uploaded and add an invitation to action. Make sure your pixel is enabled and you’re ready to send your ad for review. Using this strategy, one of the companies I helped got a percentage of Facebook video views of 100%, which means all the users who saw the video and stayed to see it through.

Video ad optimization is an excellent opportunity to build brand awareness, leadership and increase conversions. The key is to make users stop and watch your video to the end and, the strategy described above will help you do just that.

Following the structure explained so far, you will  get 100% of facebook viewer’s video views, while maintaining a low cost-effectiveness ratio. Use the right titles and tags, as I explained before, but that are relevant to the content of the video.

Do not exploit keyword related to news stories or celebrities when they do not have to do with the video you are uploading, you could increase your channel visits in a few days but you would lose any credibility and, a long game you would risk finding yourself with visits even loading interesting content.

Well, if you’re willing to devote enough time to your channel’s activities, I could recommend some technique to be more successful on Facebook but, let‘s be clear from the beginning, do not expect miracles, there is no magic formula. Enjoy it!